Hello. My name is Trent Lesikar.

I am photographing my home state for a project titled, "The Shape of Texas." 

“Through his lens, the banal is beautiful: He explores both tiny towns and big cities where he draws connections between Texas’s most potent symbols, like football, pumpjacks, and religious iconography. Lesikar also has a keen eye for capturing different eras of Texas within a single frame. He likes to play with juxtapositions where elements of Texas’ frontier mythology coexist with, say, modern skyscrapers. “I think of it like stacking time on time,” he says.” - Texas Monthly, Sept. 2019

My work has been featured by Texas Monthly, The New Yorker, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, USA Today, MSNBC, The Atlantic, The Austin Chronicle, Pitchfork, and others. 

Thank you for looking.

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